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We have a wide variety of Fortnite accounts for you to choose from! These accounts have a combination of limited edition (and some retired from previous seasons) skins, large number of wins, high kill/death ratios, and much more! To view the complete details about the account, simply click the listing. The account details you see in the screenshot are the exact account you will receive! All of our accounts are delivered via our instant delivery system so you will receive your account immediately following payment! Unless otherwise specified in the individual listing, our accounts come with full email access, are not “cracked” accounts, and are playable on PC, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, and Android. Some accounts may not be playable on PS4 and Xbox One. If you plan on playing on either of these consoles, please double check the account listing you plan to purchase to ensure that the account is playable on your primary console. We have a full staff available to address any issues or questions you may have about your purchase.

Due to the hype and overwhelming success of Fortnite: Battle Royale, many secondary marketplaces and online shops have popped up. Many of these sellers offer stolen, hacked, or “cracked” accounts. In addition to being unethical, these accounts will be recovered by the owner and the account will be taken back from you! The seller(s) you obtained the account from will likely be long gone by the time you have an issue with the account and will not offer any support for you. Fortnite Kings is different. All of our accounts are screened for their authenticity and we offer a lifetime replacement guarantee in the event that there are any issues with your account. In addition to that, all of our accounts include full email access to the email currently associated with the Fortnite/Epic Games account that you are purchasing. Purchasing full access Fortnite accounts is the only way that you can guarantee you are the only person with access to the account that you are purchasing. In addition to the unmatched quality of our accounts, our customer service is unbeatable as well. We have staff available 24/7 to answer any support inquiries and will go above and beyond to ensure that you have an incredible purchasing experience with us! Go ahead and make your purchase, we’ll see you on the battle bus!

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