Fortnite Battle Pass

While Fortnite Battle Royale is free to play (although other Fortnite game modes, such as Save the World are currently not free), to get the best experience (the skins, the emotes, the gliders, all the fun stuff!) players must pay. Fortnite has been releasing “seasons” with new content and new themes, and each season they release a new Battle Pass. The battle pass is a great way to earn a ton of new skins, emotes, gliders, and much more just for playing Fortnite!

How much does the Battle Pass cost?

The price of the battle pass is currently 950 V-Bucks (V-Bucks are fortnite’s digital currency). 1,000 V-bucks can be purchased for $10 (or you can purchase an account with some V-bucks directly from Fortnite Kings!), so the price of the battle pass is about $9.50. Not bad for a game that is free to play! And if you utilize the battle pass, you will earn enough V-Bucks for next season, so you do not have to continue purchasing more V-Bucks to earn the Battle Pass in the following season. There is a free pass component to the battle pass, so players who do not purchase the battle pass can still earn some new items, but nothing on the scale of what paid battle pass members will receive.

Purchase Battle Pass

Battle pass purchasing options, with or without extra tiers.

What items can you earn with the Battle Pass?

You can earn new emotes, V-Bucks, skins, gliders, loading screens, weapon wraps, and much more! Almost all of the customizable aspects in Fortnite can be earned with the Battle Pass. The items that can be earned are unique to each Fortnite season.

How do you earn new stuff with the Battle Pass?

To earn new stuff, you must progress through a series of 100 unlockable tiers. Each tier will unlock a series of new prizes. To progress through tiers, you must acquire Battle Stars. You receive Battle Stars by finishing the Battle Pass challenges. There are Daily, Weekly, and Hard Weekly challenges. Daily and Weekly challenges award 5 Battle Stars while the Hard Weekly challenges award 10 Battle Stars. Leveling up your Season Level (done by gaining experience through playing matches and getting kills, wins, etc.) will give you 2 Battle Stars. Leveling up to Season Level in a multiple of 5 will give you 5 Battle Stars while leveling up to a Season Level with a multiple of 10 will award you 10 Battle Stars. In order to progress to a new Battle Pass tier you must acquire 10 Battle Stars. While certainly not required, you can also purchase varying amounts of Battle Pass tiers from the item shop using V-Bucks.

Battle pass tiers

Player having completed all Battle Pass tiers for Season 6.

Is the Battle Pass worth it?

Our verdict: absolutely. If you are spending time playing the game, the unlockable features that the Battle Pass offers allows you to have a much more fun and enjoyable experience. When you consider that the Battle Royale mode is free to play and that the Battle Pass costs less than eating out for a meal (less than $10!), it really is a no brainer!